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Aviation Charitable Work

Aviation sometimes gets viewed as a privileged sport for a few.  Nothing could be further from truth.  Aviation is a large part of our infrastructure and involves a lot of actions that directly benefit our society.

A big part of the mission of Friends of Aviation is to contribute to the charitable work that gets done through the entire aviation community to save lives, help people get better educated and to provide a greater future for our children. Aviation related charities are done by people dedicated to providing care, a helping hand and transportation for those in need.

Friends of Aviation have been involved with numerous charitable projects and are currently actively involved in setting up an aviation wing for a children’s museum in Los Angeles. We work actively with the following groups in the aviation community:

Challenge Air for Kids and Friends:

Aviation Charrity ActivitiesChallenge Air for Kids & Friends offers motivational, inspirational and life-changing experiences to physically challenged children and youth through aviation. Challenge Air joins with communities and families to host exciting special events, nationwide, where they inspire physically, mentally challenged and seriously ill children and young adults by providing the opportunity to fly in small airplanes piloted by both wheelchair and non-wheelchair aviators.

The Challenge Air program, which utilizes occupational, recreational, and educational therapy through flying, inspires thousands of special needs, challenged young people to soar above their perceived limitations. Challenge Air was founded for the purpose of giving these young people a chance and a choice to see the world from a different view. A view from the sky! The Challenge Air experience is offered to qualifying participants and families at NO COST and helps challenged young people renew their faith in themselves and strive to reach for the sky. They are taught to realize their dreams and goals are indeed possible.

A Challenge Air event was held at Whiteman Airport, Pacoima this spring (2010) and future events are listed at

The 99’s:

#Amelia Earhart of Glendale California established this organizations in 1929 with 99 women pilots to provide mutual support and advancement of aviation.

The Ninety-Nines Organization of women pilots has continued and expanded that mission.

Today, the organization promotes world fellowship through flight, provides networking and scholarship opportunities for women and aviation education in the community and preserves the unique history of women in aviation.

Civil Air Patrol:

Army assistanceGrowing from its World War II experience, the Civil Air Patrol has continued to strive to save lives and alleviated human suffering through a myriad of emergency service and operational missions. Perhaps best known for its search and rescue efforts, CAP now flies more than 85% of all federal inland SAR (Search and Rescue) missions directed by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at Langley AFB, Virginia.

 More than 100 people are saved every year by CAP! Often overlooked by vitally important is the role CAP plays in disaster relief operations. CAP provides air and ground transportation, and an extensive communications network. They fly disaster relief officials to remote locations, and support local, state and national disaster relief organizations with manpower, leadership and other valuable and needed resources. Also important is the transportation of time-sensitive medical materials including blood and human tissue in situations where other means of transportation are not possible. CAP also conducts damage assessment, radiological monitoring, light transport, communications support, and low-altitude route surveys in support of the U.S. Air Force.

The President of Friends of Aviation is an active member of Civil Air Patrol, Squadron 35, which is based at Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles.

Angel Flight:

Angel Flight was created by a group of pilots who believe in the benefit of volunteering and is a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends. Angel Flight arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. This service is available to individuals, and health care organizations. They will also arrange transportation of those people who are financially distressed, or who are in a time-critical, non-emergency situation due to their medical condition.

Angel Flight is financially supported primarily by our pilots who fly the missions (by donating the use of their airplanes and operating expenses) and by contributions from individuals, service clubs, social and religious groups and corporations. We receive no financial aid from any government entity. There is never a fee of any kind, either to the patient or the health care provider for an Angel Flight. The costs are paid by the volunteer pilots.

Wings of Hope:

lifting patientsThe mission of Wings of Hope is to save lives, improve the quality of life and bring hope to people around the world where the utilization of aviation is vital to the accomplishment of these human endeavors. Staffed by over 300 skilled executives, pilots, mechanics and administrative personnel, Wings of Hope provides over 100,000 man-hours of volunteer work each year.

Wings of Hope combats malnutrition, disease and harsh living conditions in remote areas of the world. In places where the terrain is rugged, roads impassable and travel by boat or oxen is too slow, an airplane from Wings of Hope can transport ill and injured people quickly and safely to clinics and hospitals. Wings of Hope can also easily and quickly transport medical supplies and services, teachers, development technicians, missionaries, food, seeds and breeding stock.

The Young Eagles:

Yung EaglesThe EAA Young Eagles program was launched in 1992 to give interested young people, ages 8 - 17, an opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane. These flights are offered free of charge and are made possible through the generosity of volunteers.

Since 1992, more than 1.5 million Young Eagles have enjoyed a flight through the program. Young Eagles have been registered in more than 90 different countries and have been flown by more than 42,000 volunteer pilots.

Flying Samaritans:

The Flying Samaritans is a group of professional from many different walks of life interested in helping bring healthcare to people in Mexico . They are physicians, nurses, dentists, pilots, translators and others. Their purpose is to offer medical assistance and education to the people in rural areas of Mexico. In the role of primary care, the Flying Samaritans fly (and drive) to clinics where they provide non-emergency services, such as family medicine, optometry, audiology, dentistry and dental hygiene, and preventative health care. Most patients are the 60% of the Mexican population who are not eligible for Mexican Social Security medical care. Specialty care is a cooperative effort to provide specialty care at a single location, where follow up care is available. The Flying Samaritans also educate and train medical and dental graduates interested in additional education. Lastly, the Flying Samaritans assist with disasters and critical medical patients.

Miracle Flights for Kids:

The mission of Miracle Flights for Kids is to improve access to health care by providing free air transportation to hospitals across America; to promote awareness of their services through targeted outreach programs; to enlist the help of community-minded people through strategic calls to action; to promote the spirit of volunteerism. Miracle Flights for Kids believes that all children have the right to be able to access the best medical care, no matter where the treatment is located, and no matter what the personal or financial situation of their families might be.

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