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Becoming a Pilot – Where Do I start?

So you have been dreaming about learning how to fly? It may have been a life long dream that started when you were a kid or it might be something that started looking appealing to you recently.

Here is all you have to do to get started:

  1. Decide what type of flying you would like to get into: To fly an airplane is what most people associate with flying. But there are many forms of flying besides airplanes; some are helicopters, sailplanes, balloons and hang gliders amongst other type of flying.
  1. Decice where you are going: Decide what you would like to accomplish by getting a Pilot’s license. Do you want to fly simply as recreational activity or is this something you are looking at doing professionally?
  1. Find a flight school and instructor near you: there are hundreds of flight scools to go to. Make sure the school is near you and covers the area of flight you have chosen. Use this link to help you locate one: Choose Flight Schools
  1. Take an introductory flight: An introductory flight really gives you the whole experience of what is like to be at the controls of an aircraft. Your Discovery flight will be your first step on your path to becoming a pilot!
  1. Sign up for flight lessons: Now simply sign up and start your lessons. Before you know it you will be a fully certified pilot.

If you run into any difficulties or problems along the way and you don’t seem to be able to resolve them with your instructor or mentor, you can use the message boards on the Friends of Aviation website or email us directly at [email protected].

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